Art-Henki T:mi, established in 2002 is situated in the Southwest Finland at Somero. We live and work in an old schoolhouse at countryside between Forssa and Salo. Our goal is to plan, produce and sell durable and multifunctional tools for SI/ -occupational- and physiotherapists. Products range from basic swings to magnetic fishing rods and two-handed rackets. We also make weighted products such as hand patches, vests, blankets etc., so our clients are also families with special needs. We don’t have big stocks, because our equipments are mainly made after orders. Delivery time is two to three weeks for swings and other bigger products.

Our products are handmade in Finland. We use energy which is produced by waterpower and we try minimize our impact on our planet by choosing ecological and durable materials for our products. Furthermore, we want our swings to be light to use. For example, in our Flexioswing we use aluminium pipe for easy lifting (weight only 7,5 kilos). The main material for the outer layer of the swings is StamskinTop-leatherette, which is easy to clean and has antibacterial and antimycotic treatments to ensure high hygienic standards.

You can order our products via our webpages using shopping cart (ostoskori) or by e-mail. Before the order is valid we’ll contact you and confirm the price with shipping costs. You will also get information how to pay your order and delivery time for your parcel. Prices are in euros and they are given with/ without VAT.

At the main time webpages are only in Finnish, so please contact us by email for specific details in English. We are ready to answer to whatever you want to know about our products.